George's Hauling Service

Let us do the hard work

Whether you're completing a major construction project or just cleaning out your house, if you have junk, we will cleanup and haul it away. Call us any day of the week for quick and affordable junk removal.


Just finding a place to take your junk can be tough, let alone the actual hauling. We will do the hard work for you.


   •   Roofing shingles

   •   Trees and bushes

   •   Piles of dirt and rock

   •   Appliances

   •   Debris / yard waste

  • Construction debris

  • Remove hot tubs

Same-day junk removal services for:


Improve the look of your yard

If it's time to trim your trees or remove extra brush or dirt, call us today! We offer same-day service for removal of yard waste including small trees, bushes and rocks.

If your home is cluttered with a bunch of unused and unwanted items, give us a call and take advantage of our cleanout service. We will cleanout all of excess your junk and we will even haul it away for you.

Remove your clutter


Give us a call to get same day hauling or junk removal



Providing flexible scheduling 7 days a week



Affordable Service

We specialize in house and demolition cleanout



Fully insured


No job too tough!